How to write a north american phone number

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How To Write Telephone Numbers

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Telephone numbers in the Americas

I've never appreciated. Using Regex to format North American Phone Numbers. Regex: ($1) $2-$3. Use above regex to reformat phone numbers validated in above step to reformat in a consistent way to store/display purpose.

Validate and Format North American Phone Numbers Problem You want to determine whether a user entered a North American phone number, including the local area code, in a - Selection from Regular Expressions Cookbook, 2nd Edition [Book]. Summary. Subaru is the automobile manufacturing company.

It is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, Japanese transportation conglomerate/5(). Sep 13,  · An area code narrows your call geographically, and refers to a specific city.

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U.S. phone numbers are preceded by 3-digit area codes. If you don't know which area code to dial, the North American Numbering Plan and Area Code Locations websites can help%(9). A message from NAPgA President, Curtis King I wanted to take a moment to reflect and share with all of you the positive and productive experience we had in meeting with the Wild Sheep Foundation and a panel of experts August 27th and 28th at the Ramada Inn in Spokane WA.

How to write a north american phone number
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