How to write a math word problem

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Division Word Problems (1-step word problems)

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Grade 3 word problem worksheets.

Writing in Mathematics

We've created a wide selection of printable math word problem worksheets for grade 3 students. Math word problems help deepen a student's understanding of mathematical concepts by relating mathematics to everyday life. It's time for math class at Valley Elementary, and today in Room 24, Mrs.

Sanchez asks her class to write in their journals. Students walk to the neat, color-coded bins to collect their personalized journals, and then turn their attention to describing the similarities and differences between the attributes of squares and rectangles.

Ratio/Proportion Word Problems Relating Two Things Together: a Rate. It takes 2 minutes to print out 3 color photos on Erin’s printer. Write an equation relating the number of color photos \(p\) to the number of minutes \(m\). A typist can type words in seconds. At that rate, how many seconds would it take her to type words?

To solve this problem we begin by making a table and filling in the given information. Word problems are a great opportunity to bring math and literacy skills together in a format that is concrete and fun. This lesson asks students to use the math skills they are learning and applying them by creating word problems for their peers to solve.

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How to write a math word problem
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Part-Part-Whole Word Problems (solutions, examples, videos)