How to write a fraction in microsoft word

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I want to write a fraction in the word?

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Wordpad is more properly W…ord than Notepad. If you use Microsoft Wordyou have the option of letting Word automatically format any fractions you write in a document. The automatic formatting is convenient, because all you have to do is type the fraction and let Word do the rest of the work.

How to write a fraction in Excel. I want to write it exactly as shown in the picture. How to write a fraction in Microsoft Excel? Ask Question. up vote 29 down vote favorite.

How do I 'write' fractions with word?

4. From the list select "Microsoft Equation ". Select the equation that suits your needs. In this case: Type 2, press TAB key to move the cursor and then 3. You can get Excel to display a value as a fraction, however the format does not show a horizontal line, but rather uses /71 To get Excel to show a number as a fraction, format the cell to have a custom number format as follows.

Apr 20,  · Go to Tools->AutoCorrect Options->AutoFormat, under Replace, check box to change fraction from 1 / 2 to ½. "Judy_Joned" wrote: > I want to just use Word and need to know how to type a fraction vertically. Insert the numbers into the fraction boxes.

Microsoft Office Go to the "View" menu tab in MS Word and select "Toolbars" then "Customize Quick Access Toolbar". Under "Choose Commands from" select "All Commands" from the dropdown menu. Select "Equation Editor".

Drag it and drop it on any place on a toolbar. Aug 08,  · Use the superscript and subscript formatting to type fractions in Word programs. In Word, you can format the font so that it appears as superscript text or subscript text. This will allow you to manipulate the font so that it appears as a fraction.

Type the numerator, and highlight it. Select Format from the menu, click Font, then 37%(17).

How to write a fraction in microsoft word
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